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Town and village greens - use of land “as of right”?

Applications for registration of land as a town or village green are an ongoing concern to developers. However, a recent Supreme Court case (R (Barkas) v North Yorkshire County Council and another [2014] UKSC 31) has improved the position of councils and developers against local green space campaigners.

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Landlord & tenant - refund of rent to tenant on break date?

A recent Court of Appeal case (Marks and Spencer plc v BNP Paribas Securities Services Trust Company (Jersey) Limited and another [2014] EWCA Civ 603) has highlighted the importance of tenants instructing experienced lawyers to negotiate and advise on lease terms.

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Chancel Repair

In order to make the land register and land ownership more transparent, the LRA 2002 provided that chancel repair liability’s status as an overriding interest would end at midnight on 12 October 2013. However, such liability will not simply disappear.

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Planning Law Update 2013

It is been a long stated policy of the Coalition Government to “radically reform” the planning system in order to generate economic growth and increase the supply of housing in the UK. So what key changes have been implemented and/or announced?

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